Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today's Best -- Grasshopper macro

I went on a stroll with Kobi this afternoon and spent some time practicing with my new AF extension tubes. I got some interesting pics, but this is today's best. No textures, just a bit of blending mode and layer adjustment.

This grasshopper was munching on a the leaf of a milkweed pod that had gone to seed. It is the latter that actually caught my eye. In fact, using the extension tubes, I was quite close and it wasn't until after I snapped the first couple shots that I even noticed this little fella. I'm quite surprised he didn't just skedaddle long before I noticed him.

While I was capturing this beauty, Kobi took a quick dip in the creek across the path!

This ones' a keeper. ;->

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  1. Yea! Great job...just saw this on flickr. I see you got the link within thing working, too!


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