Monday, September 19, 2011

Very used, Very ugg, Very loved V key

I learned about AF extension tubes for photographing macros a couple weeks ago and ran right out to get some. Without any instruction, I was messing around with them, took a picture of my keyboard in low light. Not a great picture. I'm so glad I'll be attending a Nikon Meetup this Saturday so I can learn more about how to use the extension tubes properly. 

In the meantime, it felt like a perfect photo for experimenting with Kim Klassen's new ugglove textures*. I think they made this little gal a perfectly grungy, used, and loved MacBook V key. It's only fair that I give my computer a bit of recognition since I spend so much time with her. Next to my puppy dog, I don't think I have a more intimate relationship! So sad.

Maybe I should get out some rubbing alcohol and treat her to a cleaning up. But, then she may have trouble breathing for the fumes. I'm not so sure being clean is her top priority, but having her keys caressed probably is. 

I wouldn't be able to process my photographs or write amusing essays if I didn't have my very used, very ugg, very loved V key.

Kim Klassen has opened up a whole new world of creativity for me with her textures and her Photoshop Essentials course. She is the gentle guide you always wished you had to learn anything, but Photoshop and her unending talent for creativity is her specialty!

* Used all three of Kim's ugglove textures at different blending modes and percentages.


  1. I think the blog is coming around very nicely! I'm adoring your background!

    Good luck w/the Nikon class. Extension Tubes huh? I don't even know what they are...lol

  2. Love the whimsy of your post - very clever :)


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