Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Story of the First Snow - 2011

We went from 80º on Sunday, to 6" of snow today. It was a heavy, wet snow and fortunately because the roads were still warm from the weekend the drive to work was not too bad. But, it was sad to see the beauty of the autumn leaves weighed down and broken by this first snow fall.

Before I left the house, after shoveling the driveway, I captured the frozen drop on the red leaf of a burning bush in my front yard.

And on the way, I couldn't help myself. I actually pulled off the road to shoot the chain linked fence that reminded me more of a sheet of Quilted Northern!

But, here you can actually see the context of the fence and the two lines of barbed wire along the top that also caught the snow. I've never seen a chain linked fence so nicely defined.

When I got to work, I couldn't seem to get over the wonder. I continued to take some photos outside. My favorite is the red berry with its green and white cloak. Is that a frozen tear shed for the heavy weight on its back?

When I arrived home, I banged the snow off my lilac, the rose bushes, and the burning bush. The webbed branch caught my eye; then the rusty leaf; and I couldn't overlook the pink rose peeking out as it hangs on in the cold.

As I took these photos, I was struck by the silence that always accompanies snow. There is something so peaceful about it, but a bit eerie sometimes too. It's grand to take time to be observant. It's also grand to relive it in telling the story for others. I hope you enjoy the journey.

It's supposed to be really cold tonight, but no more snow.


  1. Lovely shots. I can't believe you already have snow!

  2. These are lovely shots in the snow!

  3. Wow !! What beautiful snowy images !!

  4. That snowy road is so pretty. I do love the snow, having grown up in Michigan, but I have completely forgotten how to drive in the stuff! I would love snowy days if I did not have to get out in it :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  5. An excellent series of shots..my favourite is the solitary autumn leaf with its icy coat. Fortunately in UK, snow is still a while off and even when it does arrive I doubt thatr i would have the dedication to stop and shoot...warm log fire and a mug of hot chocolate is more my line :-)

  6. Hi Lissa! It is amazing to me to think of you already having snow. I live in Texas, and hardly ever snows here. I love snow as i grew up in the midwest with plenty of it. Nothing quite like the beauty of a new fallen snow, so love your photos. Do you write routinely for a magazine? Saw your articles which are so good. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and i will be back to see you. Hope you day is going great!

  7. also, that rose is amazing with the snow on it!


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