Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More from Pearl Street Mall

 Last night, Juli and I met for the first time. We'd connected on Flickr and we quickly made arrangements to meet for a photoshoot. Little did we know the night we chose would be the coldest night ever. We started out at Boulder Bookstore, but quickly went looking for a coffee shop. It didn't take long to find Starbucks. Good thing they are like gas stations and can almost be found on every corner. Once inside and settled with our coffee, Juli began eying photo opportunities. I almost felt like an understudy, clicking away a the things she passed up. It was rather funny actually, but only a difference in our capture styles. In the process I got lots of interesting pictures. This one is from inside Starbucks, looking out.

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After getting to know one another and warming up, we wandered outside to find captivating night lights, but those bright lights you see through the window at Starbucks were everywhere. They made it almost impossible to get the pretty colored lighted balls hanging from the trees in the mall. A bit frustrating, but we walked a bit to see if we could find the proper angles. Both of us were finding the cold unbearable. Juli suggested we ducking into Bayleaf on Pearl feeling Boulder Bookstore was just too far back to wait. It turned out Bayleaf was a photographer's haven with treats for the eye at every turn. The spools below were the first thing that called to me. The first picture was a fuzz because my lens fogged up because it was so much warmer inside than outside. My second picture wasn't much better, but I'm thrilled at how sharpening and texturing improved the image.

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We must have spent an hour in that shop clicking away. Taylor, the sales associate, paid us no mind. She called to us once asking if we were doing okay. Of course we were. We warmed up and had a visual feast. I love the violin and the wooden characters below.

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After a bit nature called and the shop didn't have a ladies room, so we moved on to the bookstore to get our parking cards validated. Since they required a purchase to do so, we modeled some warm hats for each other before making final purchases. I got a nice little alpaca knit beanie and Juli picked a fleece lined bell-shaped hat that covered her ears. We were happy campers who had a grand time. Bidding farewell in the parking garage, we agreed to do it again. What a fun time in spite of the freezing temperature.

If you missed Part I, check it out here .

Textures thanks to Shadowhouse Creations.
Textures thanks to Kim Klassen

Starbucks door: Shadowhouse -  D2011SS-3 , 6, 7
Spools: Kim Klassen - thursday
Violin: Shadowhouse - Square 75, October Square Set-3


  1. Y'all made a cold night into a heart-warming adventure; thanks for sharing it!

  2. Fabulous, fabulous photos - they feel very warm to me . Thanks for braving the cold to give us these visual treats.

  3. WOW! These are just magnificent! Your ability to spot an excellent subject and frame it "just right" is awesome. And I continue to be so impressed with how YOUR use of textures enhances already-great photography. Not everyone does digital ...art and texturing so well. Along with the professional excellence, there is a warmth and intimacy in these pix that really draws me in, connects at some deeper level. Thanks for gettin' those fingers and ears cold so we can all have a vicarious enjoyment of your evening.

  4. Looks like a wonderful time, even if the temps were a bit chilly :-) I posted an image to Flickr today that you inspired and linked back to you here!

    Stay warm. Stay dry.


  5. Sounds like so much fun and your photos are great! Really enjoyed your post lissa! See you when i get back from Chicago


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