Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Stroll December 4, 2011 - My Camino!

Here is the December 4, 2011 issue of The Stroll: Observations While Out Walking (and sometimes driving).

Finally, I have been able to synthesize over 500 photos and write the accompanying commentary for My Camino. As some of you know already (those who follow my blog and Flickr), I didn't quite make the intended goal of 50 miles in five days, BUT I did accomplish 35 miles in four days!

It was quite an adventure. I hope you enjoy this issue.


Thanks so much for taking time to smell the roses and take each step of this adventure with me. ;->

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  1. Hi Lissa! Just wanted to let you know that i have just printed up your story and am excited to read it. Think it is an awesome thing that you did, and can help to give you so much new added insight in to your self. Was excited to see it all written. and can't wait to read and absorb it. Thanks for all of your hard work getting it edited and written. Best to you! Jeanne


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