Saturday, December 24, 2011

To all my friends and family - Happy Holidays!

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This morning it occurred to me that it is not my job to go looking for the perfect picture. It is my job to be ready when the image appears.

It was then I noticed the sun glistening on the icicle hanging from the porch overhang outside my front window. It's also up to me to decide if the image would benefit from enhancement or if I want it to stand alone. In this case, it made a beautiful night time snowy holiday greeting when I added Paree's texture.

So, this my friends, is my Christmas/Holiday wish for you—be ready when the image appears. Translate: be ready when your dream presents itself. If you're not noticing the good when it comes, you might miss it—in a flash.

I am so grateful for all of you who have been there for me over this past year. I'm thrilled to have met new friends on Flickr who have encouraged me to try new effects and keep taking pictures. I am paying attention that sometimes I must reach out to bridge the gap with those I love. And of course, I may miss opportunities if I don't pay attention.

May you all recognize the good in your lives and tell those who are important to you that you love them.

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Frohe Weinachten! Joyeux Noël! Happy Hannukah!

Parée Erica’s Xmas 2011 Challenge
Texture thanks to Parée Erica: Snow Room


  1. Merry Christmas to you, my friend. What a lovely image - and what a great thought - be ready when the image appears. Pay attention.

  2. I absolutely LOVE not just the original image and the way you processed it but how you get the images to toggle. You are SO clever, Lissa. I am happy to call you a friend.

  3. Great message Lissa and your image is perfect. Love how you processed it! Merry Christmas to you

  4. Very cool, good work & Merry Christmas!


  5. Beautiful photograph Lissa!
    I am so glad that you are here.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you a Happy New Year.


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