Monday, January 9, 2012

Lots of time to play ...

Last night it became quite clear that I have an abundance of time. An image came to mind and I jumped up to compose it. How else to symbolized having so much time that you almost don't know what to do with it? A timer and three watches. I have more timepieces, but this did the trick and I needed to document that I seem to have all the time in the world. I also needed to make it clear to myself that this is something to be enjoyed, not wished away.

Most would consider my snapping, photoshopping, flickring, blogging play or even a way to avoid reality. I'm beginning to think there is more to this. I just can't see around the corner yet. I am even beginning to believe all this is my apprenticeship for something grand to come. Oh yes, it's challenging to not know when I will have a regular paycheck again, but I am working on embracing the process. Trust that as long as I do my part ... look for work, practice and improve my skills, be open to good things ... each day will unfold as it should.

I gave Kobi a bath. After blow drying him, he was so soft and fluffy. Still needing clipping, he looked a bit ... well, round! Ha, ha! How can I not love this little ball of fur? Of course, my love translated to being a snapping fool. Then I spent a LOT of time post-processing. Practicing removing unwanted objects and refining edges was a good thing. I had a problem spot after removing a cluttered portion of the room so I chose to add a couple images that offered a nice background and some brush stamps of trees creating a bit of an illusion that it might be impossible for Kobi to get his ball.

mouseover for before image

That made me think of the title of a book I'd read years ago, The Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer: Living with Passion and Purpose by Art Berg. And that led me to consider that he had a much more challenging life than I. You see, Art Berg was a quadriplegic. I was lucky enough to hear him speak before his powerful speaking career was cut short when he died unexpectedly. I think I might revisit that inspiring book. He had a lot to say about keeping going when the going got tough.

So, I am very lucky. Lucky indeed. I get to play with pictures and I love doing that. I'm so happy I have such a sweet puppy dog who brings me inspiration!

What are you grateful for? What do you wake up wanting to do? Or stay up late? Are you doing it? If not, why not? I'd love to hear what wakes you up or keeps you awake.

Texture thanks to Kim Klassen: 'confidence' used on the timepieces

I took photos of some scrapbooking papers and layered them as the background of Kobi and the ball.


  1. Your time capture has perfect composition and great DOF. Time is something I think about often, as I had a constant nagging feeling that I never had enough of it. I've even said time is my enemy. But I've come to realize that time is less the issue...lack of energy is the greater issue. So I've vowed this year to rest more, relax more, and slow down a bit. Use time more productively :)

    Oh, and great pic and fun editing of fluffy Kobi!

  2. Both of these are wonderful images Lissa, and little Kobi is just precious!
    I am sure that what I am most grateful for each day is my family. I am also grateful to have the ability to pick up my camera and go for a walk with it. One thing I would like to have more of is free time though. I'm working on that!! :-)

    Thank you so very much for sharing with us this week at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great day!


  3. Stunning photo of the Kobi, I love what you did. Time is something I run out of lots.

  4. Oh, how cute Kobi is!!! I can echo anyone here as to the value of time!

  5. I need to switch my thought perspective and realize I have tons of time, too. I truly identified with what you said about all the photography, blogging, etc. Good luck in all your ventures!

  6. Greetings from Southern California.

    I am your newest follower.

    God bless and have a nice day :-)

  7. Lissa thank you for stopping by.... Yes that book by Jan Phillips is a great one. I ordered it after seeing someone recommend it on their blog, and love it. have a great day! Jeanne


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