Sunday, January 1, 2012

Promising projects

I've decided to do the Project 365 with Shutter Sisters! I know doing this can only help me improve my snapping, clicking, shooting expertise. I have been tripod averse, but played with using one and a remote shutter release here as I poured the milk in the coffee.

So here is my first submission. My morning coffee with my One Little Word 2012 cover in the background: Abundance. I added Kobi to that cover because the image of him running in the snow signifies so much: energy, joy, moving forward with enthusiasm!!

Happy New Year and best wishes to all as you step into fresh starts.

Join me in Geri's (My Heart Art) blog hop to share our One Little Words!

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  1. Thank you for joining in the blog hop! Abundance!!! If we could all have Kobi's energy, imagine what we could accomplish. I loved your quote by Harriet Tubman at the top of your blog. In grade school we had to pick a hero to write about and I chose her!

  2. Mmm that coffee looks delicious - making me lick my lips....

    Here's to an abundant 2012 :)

  3. Love this! And your blog! And the challenges you're taking part in. You are such an inspiration, and your creativity is growing exponentially. I'm heading to bed now, wondering what I can do to catch up with you! LOL!


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