Thursday, January 19, 2012

You gotta ask

Abundance is my word for this year and it's already showing up! Sometimes, you just gotta ask.

Earlier this week, I went to Tokyo Joe's for lunch with my friend Jill. The fellow at the counter asked if I wanted a "frequent flyer" card. Jill said, "Lissa, you should really do that!" So, I jumped on it and half-teasingly asked if I could get punches for the last three times I was in! The answer was yes! Now how do you like that? I'd made a point of asking the fellow's name and he knew I'd been in at least once before. It helps to be nice.

A couple days later, I went to Dairy Queen. I ordered a hot fudge sundae. The gal rang me up and then I thought to ask if I could get nuts. She said, "Sure, and I won't charge you since I've already swiped your card." Gee, that was nice. It's the little things that bring us back and I can guarantee you I'll be back to Tokyo Joe's and Dairy Queen. This isn't big money, but the pennies add up and in some ways it's more about the symbolism.

Abundance is also showing up in getting together with friends. In addition to meeting with Jill, I had coffee with my friend Shirley today; tomorrow I have coffee with Janet; Saturday coffee with Carrie; and Sunday a photo shoot with a new Flickr friend Meegan. Wow. And one of the things I put in my ABUNDANCE Wordle cloud was companionship! How do you like that? Well, I like it a lot!

By the way, I accepted a job offer today! Yay!!

Texture thanks to Kim Klassen at Beyond Layers: awaken The exercise was less is more. If you haven't joined Beyond Layers, it's not too late. Come join the fun!


  1. Great story and congratulations, lovely image

  2. Sounds as if your year is off to a great start and going to be filled with abundance! I can hear it in your voice..... best to you! Jeanne

  3. I totally agree - sometimes if you ask, you receive. And the worst that can happen is you're told "no", right? (And being sincerely friendly always helps!) How wonderful that you've gotten together with so many friends lately - that's top priority in my life now, too!

  4. Wow! What an awesome few days you've had.

    Love the pic!

    Congrats on the job, too! I'd say that's ABUNDANCE!

  5. Hello Lisa :)

    really nice to read about the ways Abundance manifests in your life! Especially about the friends & companionship part. And good that you dared to ask in that cafe. Sometimes it is exactly all one has to do ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend & thank you for visiting my blog. It was lovely reading your comment :)

    Warm regards,


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