Friday, February 10, 2012

Making Happy!

I've been contemplating Kim Klassen's invitation to focus on what makes us happy in her Beyond Layers class.

I came up with this storyboard that also includes the four-word self-help concept that Kim brought to our attention: author, Patti Digh's, Four-Word Self-Help, a pretty neat concept of targeting ways to focus on things that help one cope and bring more happiness into being.

I took these images over a period of several days, maybe closer to a week. My sweet Kobi always makes me happy. I also love the cactus in the bathroom at work (!), and the candle and crystal I use as meditation tools.

Kim also talked this week about setting up a "studio." I find that I take a lot of pictures on my kitchen table. With this one, I started by choosing some books that I've enjoyed.

Some I've read cover-to-cover like Underwear by the Roadside: Litterwalk Coast-to-Coast by Glen Hanket, which is about collecting trash across America. His account is very amusing and often brought bursts of laughter.

Others are how-to books, which I have only dabbled in, but I really enjoyed With Pen in Hand: The Healing Power of Writing by Harriette Anne Klauser.  Henriette digs into ways that journaling helps us heal. I've been a long time advocate of this.

I also read Walk in a Relaxed Manner: Lessons from the Camino by Joyce Rupp before I did my 36-mile in four days mini-Camino in November 2011. This book is a wonderful account of the challenges and joys of walking the 500 kilometers Camino de Camino de Compostella in Spain.

Background texture thanks to Shadowhouse Creations: Square-120


  1. Excellent story board. I've gotten behind with my trip and all and need to catch up!

  2. Magnificent photography, and I love the way your photography is leading you deeper and deeper into your soul. And I sorely needed this to remind me to think about what makes me happy and to have visual reminders. Thanks!

  3. Wonderful storyboard! I'm going to have to try this.

  4. I love this story board! The book. . . With Pen In Hand, intrigues me. I think I'll check it out. I, too, believe in the healing power of writing. Very cool!!

    I must tell you again. I love your quotes and I love your words. Inspiring, for sure!!

  5. I have not done the story board assignment yet. Not sure what my road-block is. I like the direction you went with both of yours (the one posted above this one too). I especially like that you have Kobi in among "self-help" and healing. Yes, our friends bring such happiness and joy into our lives!

    All of your photographs are great; but I am especially drawn to your books photograph...its balanced very well. And it has lead in lines leading to a focal point that follows the rule of thirds. I don't know if you did this on purpose or if it just came natural...but great job, regardless! My eyes travel around the photograph starting in the right bottom corner, reading over the books' titles then move inward, stop, and go back to the right corner...reading over the books' title...its a nice flowing triangle.

  6. What a wonderful idea, and I just love the image of Kobi!

  7. Lissa,
    What a great post! Lovely storyboard and book review, too...I've enjoyed visiting!

    Sue from New Bern


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