Saturday, February 4, 2012

Story Boards for Focus

Creating story boards in Photoshop is new to me, but Kim Klassen made it easier by creating templates for her Beyond Layers participants. I chose to combine a couple exercises ... one was to choose a word and take a picture the expressed that word ... another was to create a story board or collage to tell a story.

I didn't take new pictures for this exercise, but I did create a couple different boards. The first reflects my One Little Word: Abundance.

I like seeing several of the images I created around this theme over several weeks all in one place. It seems to have more power this way showing me that time, money, work, and dreams are abundant and available to me.

Then, another word came to me: Comfort. Again, I didn't take any new pictures, but I chose images I'd taken over several months that depicted the sense of comfort for me.

There are days I just need to remind myself of what comforts me. I think this image will help me get grounded in what's really important to me and how I can take care of myself. I need to do this because it's really easy to let the pace and stress of our current world undermine my sense of peace and serenity.

Food and hot cocoa are always comforting. I think over time these things have become staples representing that there is always enough. My hiking boots are there to remind me of my accomplishment of My Camino last fall. This helps me remember that I can only take one step at a time and by doing so I can accomplish any goal. The little star is a ceramic piece that was actually use of "leftovers" from candleglobes I used to make. Hmmm, even scraps are useful. That image is also there to remind me that I find comfort in journaling and whenever I feel unsettled, that is where I must go for counsel. Then, of course, there is Kobi. He is the greatest comforter of all. Don't know what I'd do without him. He makes me laugh. He needs me. He snuggles up to me. He's always there when I need a hug ... well, I hug him!

Now, don't take me wrong. I really value my friends. All of you. Flickr friends. Long time friends that I get together with periodically. But, when friends aren't available, I need ways to take care of myself. We all do.

Oddly, this process of making story boards with photos reminds me that one of my "must haves/must do's" is to demonstrate and express my creativity. There are so many avenues. How could I ever get bored? Doing such things always helps me feel productive and gives me things to dream about.

It's really important to dream, my friends.


  1. You did great, Lissa. I, too loved this assignment, since it led me to examine what I cherish

  2. I love this, too. I am not home until tomorrow so I have only the photos on my laptop. But I will work on mine.

  3. cool. have injured my hand so can't look at much but glad i soldiered thru on this. great pix and format + wonderful meditation. thanx

  4. These are wonderful! I love all the depth to them!

  5. I love both of these - great pics to go with the words!

  6. Thanks for the recent comment that mentioned "identity crisis". I was actually just doing dishes and contemplating shutting my blog down for good or at least abandoning it for a while. I'm torn between completely changing what I'm doing to just sharing tips and tricks or stopping the blog altogether and just focusing full-time on my art. =) I guess I'm at a fork in the road!

  7. Hi Lissa! Have not seen you around for a few days and just thought I would stop in and say hello! Love your storyboards. Aren't they fun to do?? Hope you are enjoying Beyond Layers, and that your new job is going well! Jeanne


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