Sunday, February 26, 2012

What Sundays are made of ...

Puppy dogs, pancakes, and coffee ...

How can it get any better? Relaxing, playing with pictures, loving my Kobi, and enjoying America's favorite breakfast ... or at least, my favorite breakfast!

Was I mean or was it the best teaser treat Kobi has ever had. I put a piece of swiss cheese in his kong ball. It was too big to fall out, so he licked and licked and rolled it around and licked some more. Here, he's curled up in his "house" totally focused on the delectable taste that he couldn't quite grasp.

And I couldn't resist the close-up! His nose pressed against that ball. It's almost as though he's trying to get inside it. If only he could get that chunk of cheese out of there. Nevertheless, he is focused!!

My focus was making the breakfast of breakfasts ... or is that of champions? I loved how the hot water made luminescent bubbles in the coffee grounds. I'm finding it's the simple things I like to take pictures of these days. Simplicity. Isn't that what makes life more pleasant. Taking it slowly. Enjoying each moment.

And mmm, mmm, good ... homemade pancakes with butter, sugar, and syrup. Decadent! Very yummy. Each bite scrumptious. I guess I was focused too. lol

It's wonderful to not have pressures of to-do lists, accountability, responsibility ... if only for a day. How long has it been since you took a day to enjoy each moment? To really watch your pet? To enjoy each sip of coffee and bite of your meal?

Try it. It just might help you rejuvenate and be ready to tackle the next project.

Happy week to all of you, my friends.

Textures thanks to Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers: thursday, phoebe
I had fun making a new PS word/heart brush. ♡
Thanks to This 'n That for the neat little hand-drawn heart in my "Loving takes focus" brush.


  1. Oh man, I wishI could eat pancakes. I do love the. :) Great images.

  2. Totally mouth-watering... and your pup is so sweet too!

  3. Your close-up shots just blow me away, Lissa! Wow. Awesome in every way. Sugar on pancakes?! Never heard of that. Anyway, to see the granuales so clearly, and the coffee bubbles. Superb!

  4. Umm, I would leave a comment, but I must go make pancakes ASAP.

    Great photos!!


  5. I just had to stop in again and say something. This blog world is crazy. Really, crazy. You never know who you are talking to or what to expect. But I have to say to you, explorer of Colorado, you have become such an encourager to me. I can't even tell you how much.

    Thank you. Thank you for your kind, kind words.


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