Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Snow Blast

It started last night. The snow started blowing and the forecast was a 12-15 inches by morning. I suspected it would keep me from going to work. I also realized I was out of dog food, so that meant venturing out at about midnight since I wasn't tired and I'd gotten caught up in after work activities ... from getting dinner to mainlining online to playing with Kobi.

So this is what it looked like by the time I got to King Soopers. I couldn't even get to my usual location. All I could think was I have to not get stuck in all this! I mean, there was no one I could call, or shall I say willing to call, at that hour.

above taken with my Blackberry; all others with my Nikon D5000

By this morning, I got notice to stay safe from my new boss. Well, I couldn't get out of my neighborhood, so I got to work at home. It was nice to be able to do that. Below was my view out the back window. Of course, I had to shovel a space for Kobi.

Afterward, when I took my boots off, I noticed for the first time Omni-grip printed in the toes of my boots. Funny what we notice. I've worn those boots at least a dozen times over the past three months and never noticed, but today for some reason it made me smile. And I believe anything that makes us smile is worthwhile.

About lunch time, I took a break because I saw my neighbor out with her dogs and thought Kobi would love to go out and play in the snow. He had a blast. It was so funny to see him try to navigate snow up to his shoulders!
 click the image to see larger on my Flickr page

Oh, I took good care of him afterward and gave him a nice warm bath. Now he is soft and sweet again. And he's slept most of the afternoon and evening.

It was a good day!

Textures thanks to Kim Klassen. simplicity on the boots; plastersquared and phoebe on all of the Kobi pics.


  1. The the pic of your boots! How fun to see your pup in the snow! That's a lot of snow!!!!

  2. Thank you for your kind, kind, words today. From the bottom of my heart. . . Thank you.

  3. Now I know where winter is!! Stay warm!


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