Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Week of Color

This has been an interesting week over at Beyond Layers. Each day, starting this past Monday, we were asked to keep our eye out for a different color. If you're here from Beyond Layers, you will know these photos, but there is a tad more info here and a rainbow mosaic as the finale!

I'm am forever amazed at what happens when I put out an intention to do something. It usually happens and I'm usually pleased with the outcome. It's like write it down, make it happen.

I did miss Monday, which was green, but combined two colors when Tuesday was yellow, with my bananas.

Wednesday I almost forgot. I visited a friend at Panera Bread. If she hadn't gotten a smoothie I never would have seen the array of straws that included the day's color pink. I ran for my cell phone as it was the only camera I had on me that evening. I was pleased with the outcome.

Thursday was blue. I struggled a bit with what I wanted to capture. The sky, flowers, books, a scarf, and finally I settled on the treasured teapot my oldest son, Phillip, made for me in 2006. I love the shape and the wonderful glaze he chose.

Friday was red. The can my colored pencils live in is red, but that didn't seem very interesting so I focused on the red pencil. I love how macros turn out; how really getting close up helps me see things differently. It only occurred to me now that I could have made this a black and white and revealed the red pencil. Hmmm ... so that's what you get, but don't miss the before image.

rollover to see before image

Today is Rainbow Saturday. I discovered chalk and crayons in addition to my colored pencils and just couldn't decide which rainbow I liked best so you get them all and then a mosaic too.



Colored Pencils

And here they are all together.


It's a full week when I work all day, process an image a day, and sometimes find things to do in the evening like have coffee with a friend, take a class, and go to a gallery showing of a friend's photography. But, I love it all.


  1. Hi Lissa...Love seeing your week of "color"! Gorgeous...all of them. Funnily enough I had lunch at Panera Bread with some friends this week (high school buddies!). I like the isolation of the red pencil among the others. And what a beautiful teapot - my stepdaughter has made us some beautiful ceramics as well. Hope you have a great weekend! ♥

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS, each and every one. Your compositions are magnificent. I think macros are YOUR BEST kind of photography.

  3. I particularly love the B&W/selective color conversion with the pencils.

  4. You have such an incredible eye for the telling details. Fabulous work, Lissa!

  5. creative and beautiful all of them

  6. Lissa, your photography is impressively simple...and simply impressive!

  7. These are all such happy shots. I love how you chose to process them and the simplicity of them all. The tea pot shot is great!


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