Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fun with Frames

In Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers class, she has been teaching us to enhance our photos with new framing effects.

This hyacinth bloomed Saturday just outside my front door. It was stunning with the sun shining on it. Used Kim's texture: bestill.

Kobi joined me out back when I took the bead pictures below. I couldn't resist catching a macro of him while I was at it. Difficult though because he wouldn't stay still when I got so close. Used Kim's texture: fallin

mouseover for before image

I put the beads and shell on a piece of white paper in the morning sun. The background wasn't this white straight out of the camera. I've got lots to learn to accomplish that, but using the dodge tool, I was able to accomplish the task for Macro Monday: white background.

I had fun working with some of Kim's techniques on this last one. No textures on either bead images.

Hope you all had a grand weekend.


  1. Good shots - love the black prune!

  2. Susan W. from FBApril 3, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    Amazing the difference that framing makes! Wow. And as usual, wonderful compositions and color.

  3. Such fun tools! That frame works well in the top photo. Love that capture of Kobi's nose. lol And the beads are beautiful - great bokeh!

  4. Love the close up of Kobi!

    AND...you got me again with that first quote. So beautiful!

  5. Its difficult for me to get a good capture of my pups, period...let alone a macro :)

    This is the second time today I'm seeing that lovely shade of blue with pure white. The two are such a wonderful combo...clean and crisp, yet calming.


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