Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring is here ...

Spring is definitely here, even with showers and a bit of snow still in the forecast.

About a year and a half ago, I tried to kill the wisteria that was growing up the side of my house. I suppose it was because I really didn't know what it was and it had attached to the downspout which had blown off the house in a feverish wind. In order to get the downspout untangled, I had to cut the wisteria back drastically.

Surprise, surprise! This season it is in full bloom even though the vine now looks like a huge tumble weed draping over the fence!! And oh, what a delicate scent it wafts.

It's wonderful how this wisteria looks like a bunch of grapes. The petals are silky smooth.

I clipped a bunch and put it into my coffee cup and just love the juxtaposition of real leaves and the petals draping over the design on the cup.

I proceeded to take some macros as that is one of my favorite image formats.

I know I've fallen off a bit in my picture taking and processing, but as spring brings new blossoms it also symbolizes transitions and new beginnings. I'm in a phase of discovery--deeper discovery. I'm exploring how to put my creative talents to work as a solopreneur again, but out of necessity also exploring using those talents in other arenas.

You may likely see this blog go through some transitions too as I make decisions about my future and its future.

It just so happens that my friend, LeAnne has started a linky part at Flower Art Friday. I like to take pictures of lots of things, and these just happened to fit the bill to join in her fun.

No textures used here. I thought these images spoke beautifully all by themselves.


  1. Thanks for linking up and congrats on saving the Wisteria. I love Wisteria! When I lived in Virginia, there was a gigantic oak tree that had wisteria climbing up it so that it almost looked like it the whole tree was in bloom. Wish I'd had a camera back then.

  2. these are just lovely Lissa! So glad that you did not manage to kill this wisteria. Hope that things are progressing for you! Are you still in that job??? Transitions can be challenging. Will keep you in my thoughts!

  3. I love wisteria! Great shots of the blossoms. My photography has picked up a lot lately with all of the spring blooms. Love it!

  4. Gorgeous photos! As always. :-) I had a full-patio trellis covered with wisteria a few houses back. That stuff grows like crazy -- you have to cut it back every year or it'll take over your house. It can even migrate into window frames and mortar between bricks. Honestly. It's kudzu (if you know what that is) with flowers. And it's so worth it.

  5. I'm so glad your murder plot did not work out (for the wisteria) =) It's beautiful. I'll be curious to see where your life and your blog go as you journey forward. I have had a look at Leanne's challenge and love it!

  6. These are gorgeous Lissa!
    I have a wisteria that is almost 20 years old now.
    Not once has it bloomed!


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