Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A little piece of heaven

The pleasure of the day inspires me to play with picutres and learn how to use curves in InDesign to create a poster for escaping to a little piece of heaven.

click to see larger image

Strolling along a path that wanders beside Boulder Creek is one of my favorite pastimes. It calms me to pay attention to the sounds of nature. It brings me back to myself. Why is it so easy to forget how gentle and kind Mother Nature can be? Why is the world we live in not quite so gentle? Why is my own mind not very compassionate sometimes?

The cottonwood trees are shedding their seed pods and the white puffies are floating through the air. It almost look like snow on the ground when it accumulates.

The breeze shakes hands with the blooming brush making its presence known. As I observed the various plants and trees, I am aware of how boring the world would be if there was only one type of foliage. Then I translate that idea to the differences people exhibit. There are some people I like better than others. I don't apologize as I know this is human and at some time in our lives we all feel this way. But, these differences are what makes life interesting. I wonder if we are more prone to think this way because our world is comprised of an odd combination of personal disconnection from our neighbors and global online connection.

I sit on a bench listening to the birds twitter and feel my sweet Kobi's body swell and contract as he pants. Bicyclists and pedestrians pass by oblivious that I'm even here off in a corner of paradise in the middle of Boulder.

The traffic wooshes in the background but is inobtrusive. The sun peaks through the branches. It's time to go. Kobi needs a drink and he's getting impatient. Just like a toddler, he is. I find myself wanting to linger. The breeze picks up and carries on its wave a delicious scent.

I must remember what connecting with the earth and nature does for me. I wonder if this is why so many humans are irritable and depressed these days. Do they forget too? Do they coop themselves in cars and offices and houses? Forgetting to drink of the beauty that is free?

It's so easy to forget.
I want to dedicate myself to remembering more often.


... and as an after-thought, here is another piece I did while learning how to make curves in InDesign ... using a photo I took some time ago.

Circle dots brush thanks to Krist Adams and "go with all your heart" brush thanks to Kim Klassen.


  1. Your posters are wonderful Lissa!
    I have InDesign, but have not been very successful with it.
    You have inspired me to give it more time.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. In addition to exploring the outdoors, you are constantly discovering and expanding new dimensions within your talented self, Lissa.

  3. Lissa - I love this post...the pictures, your introspection. It reminds me of our walk along the creek just before I moved to California! The first "see Boulder" collage could be a postcard! Had you thought of that?

  4. Lissa I love your poster. Have never heard of INDesign.... is it something you have to buy, or free software. Looks like a pretty fun "tool". Yes nature is such a healing force...Hope you are well


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