Thursday, July 5, 2012

Behind the Scenes: New Tagline

Just a quick bop in to chat about taglines. A tagline gives a little bit more information about what the blog is for/about. So here goes. Here's some history and where I ended up.

It started out: Books, Newsletters, and Photomagic because that's where I thought my focus was. My initial intention was for this site to be a sort of portfolio to direct people to in relation to getting work. Where is says Impressions and Inspirations it originally said Creative Portfolio. Not very original or inspiring!

Then I changed the tag line to graphic design and photomagic, which I thought was general enough that I could grow into things other than just books, newsletters, and photographs.

After reviewing Kim and Xanthe's notes on taglines in Behind the Scenes, I laid on my back on the front porch looking at the leaves on the tree in my front yard against the night sky. I came up with where graphic design and photomagic play. I like the lightness of this tagline.

So, here was my inspiration--a long exposure at 11:20pm. It's hand-held, so a bit blurry, but it was something about the way the leaves played with the clouds that gave me clarity. And, yep, that white spot in the midst of the clouds is a star, well probably a planet! But, I'm not up on my astronomy to know the details.


  1. I love the lightness of it, too. And that photo is magical as well!

  2. I agree. . . I like the simplify of the tag line. The photo is beautiful!

  3. I love this shot Lissa and also the new tagline...I too like the lightness of it! (very inviting!) Thanks for spreading the no-reply blogger message on your sidebar too ♥

  4. Wow your photos are great! I think your tagline is fab - there is lots of photomagic happening here!

  5. Love your new tagline and the late night photo! Very fitting!!


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