Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beyond Layers: Playing with Colour Storyboards

In Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers, we're playing with making a color storyboard from the colors in an image. It makes for a nice composition. I'm not sure this is the best photo for this application, but it is from our recent walk to Coal Creek.

Thanks to Kim for her texture: greydayVintage
I was sitting on a bench and Kobi had decided it was time to go. I was telling him I wasn't ready yet. Let's just stay a bit longer. So he plopped down to wait. Of course, I couldn't resist capturing his patience. ;->


  1. I think this is beautiful, Lissa!
    I love the light in the top of the photo, and that little sweetheart is just precious.

  2. Beautiful storyboard! Kobi is so adorable!

  3. I'm loving your color palettes. Kobi is just the cutest!


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