Friday, August 3, 2012

An evening of jazz with After Midnight

Time is just passing me by ... what am I doing with mine? I need to rewind here and catch up on some fun outings. Starting with an evening of jazz with After Midnight.

On Wednesday, July 25th, I returned a library book and discovered that there would be a jazz band playing for free at the Broomfield Amphitheater. Oh my gosh, it'd been an eternity since I'd enjoyed an open air evening of music. So, I went home for my camera and here are some of the results.

This is a lovely location with a small lake--home for ducks and geese. I've even seen a Blue Heron here.

As I arrived, of course, the first thing I noticed was a dog ... part of me wished I had brought Kobi, but then I wouldn't have had the freedom to get the pictures I got. I would have been too concerned about managing the toddler. ;->

And then of course, I was happy to see the duck family.

It was so relaxing to listen to this band share their glorious talent. Meet the members of After Midnight Jazz Band: Roger Campbell on clarinet, Rick Weingarten on vibraphone, Jerry Weiss on keyboard, Mike McCullough on guitar (and vocals), Jim Moore on drums, and Herrick "Ced" Forsyth on bass. Colorado locals: do check out their website for the local events and festival schedule.

I can't say how much this evening meant to me. After the performance, I actually greeted each member of the band and told them that they helped my find my "happy" again. When life gets challenging it's easy to lose your "happy." Revisiting things from our pass -- well, mine for sure -- helps us reconnect with the world.

I also love watching this little girl ... she stood, mesmerized, throughout the entire performance! And when Rick Weingarten played the vibraphone, she found her rhythm. ;->

Click the button below and watch her dance to the music.
Please forgive the sound quality, it was windy and I used my Nikon camera to record the video.

Isn't it neat how uninhibited children are? I did experience that my feet were uninhibited as they followed the beat of the music, my body relaxed, and my face found its smile. ;-.

So I ask you, what helps you find your "happy"? What helps you be uninhibited and be your true self?

Thanks for visiting, my friends.
Happy Weekend to you. ;->


  1. Music - it's instant 'happy' for me too.

  2. How fun!! I love listening to music, especially outdoors, and that looks like the perfect spot! Music and dancing always help me find my "happy"!

  3. Looks like you had so much fun and so glad that this opportunity visited you! Love you gif of this little girl getting her groove. So cute! cant you just tie Kobi to your waist when you are out and keep your hands free. My shepherd always followed right alongside hooked to my waist. Hardly knew she was there. Glad you had so much fun with this!

  4. What a great evening this would be. That little girl was soooo cute! LOL Thanks so much for sharing your evening!

  5. I love your layout of After Midnight Jazz. Fun Gif of the little girl. I bet she was really cute.

  6. Great post Lissa what a cute little girl there is nothing like listening to music in the open is there?

  7. Makes me smile, especially the sweet little dancing darling. :)

  8. The little girl is adorable. So is the dog.

  9. What a wonderful mosaic, Lissa.
    Nothing quite so good as outdoor music on a warm summer evening.


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