Monday, August 6, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Type-on-a-path plus Boulder Creek

Yesterday, I mentioned taking a walk with Kobi along Boulder Creek. Just a couple miles outside of Boulder toward the mountains, I stopped at a trailhead I had passed for almost fifteen years! It's a multi-use trail for bicyclists, runners, and hikers. The rush of the creek is the accompanying music for the entire way ... I had trouble determining the mileage, but I walked for a couple of hours round trip. The temperature was about 83º--perfect for strolling.

We found a narrow path that went to a secluded little area where Kobi and I sat for about a half hour listening to the water, feeling a bit of a breeze brush by, and connecting with the rhythms of the earth. The sunlight dance among the leaves and the shadows played among the rocks.

There were colorful flowers I couldn't identify along the way, and berries and what looked like tiny plums that I contemplated tasting. Without certainty of their non-poisonous edibility, I passed.
Texture thanks to Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers: printed

Kim taught us how to type on a path around a circle in Behind the Scenes--a really neat technique. I couldn't resist trying this idea I had to play with animation in order to make it easieTheirr to read. I'd love to figure out another way so it travels the path more smoothly, but this will work for now. Oops, I meant Beyond Layers. That's what I get for being up until the wee hours.

"If you have a dream, then give it a chance to happen." ~Richard M. DeVo

About a month ago I developed a new blog idea, but have been trouble figuring out what my intentions are and how to manage two sites. I really feel this post belongs there, so am duplicating it on The Dream Spot. I'd love it if you'd come check things out and follow me there too as eventually I hope the content will go in a different direction than what I'll post here.

I know most of you have way too much to do already, but I hope to see some familiar faces.
Thanks for visiting, my friends.

Circle dots brush thanks to Krist Adams.


  1. So beautiful Lissa and your gif really sweet I'll pop over now ...

  2. Very cool, Lissa. Not only did you do your text circular but it also "travels". Your walk in nature looks so peaceful.

  3. Fun gif and beautiful images. Will pop over to the other site now. Cheers!

  4. Wow Lissa! I'm impressed, love the circle writing. Still need to finish up the last few lessons in BTS. Going to pop over and check your other blog out.

  5. That is so cool how you did your GIF...GREAT JOB!♥
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  6. Lissa, this is fantastic!
    I am seeing so many neat things that people have learned in this class.
    Really love what you did here.

  7. I can't wait to take that class. Love the circle writing! Heading over to your new site...

  8. Great post! I'm still desperately trying to catch up on the lessons - I think this is the one I'm up to now :)

  9. Love this! I bet I could figure it out based on the gif tutorial from BTS...


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