Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tales from Kobi: Getting a bath

It's been a while, but Mom finally gave me a bath today. Oh, I don't like having a bath too much, but I'm tolerant. The best part though is since I smell like a sweet baby, I get more hugs and snuggles. Of course, I like that. It's a pretty big ordeal--getting trimmed, brushed, trimmed some more, bathed, and blown dry--so, after all that I found my favorite spot and took a rest.
Photo taken with Mom's iPad and processed in the Photo Toaster app

Mom seems to be a bit tuckered out lately, just like me. I know she's excited about an opportunity she's been working on, but it's not a sure thing ... yet. She's keeping her fingers crossed and should know for sure no later than Tuesday. I'm sure she'll tell you all about it then.

I'm hoping she'll take me out for a walk tomorrow and maybe she'll get some new photos up here. The morning should still be cool enough. I'm hoping.


  1. Kobi - you look so nice and fluffy! We're keeping our fingers and paws crossed that Mom gets that opportunity!

  2. Kobi I am sure you smell wonderful. Plus don't you feel great being clean again?

  3. He looks so wonderfully fluffy.
    What a little sweetheart!


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