Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tales from Kobi: So much for the bath

If you've been following my stories you know that Mom gave me a bath yesterday, so this morning I was soft and fluffy and smelled oh so sweet. This is mostly a story in pictures of my trip with Mom to Doudy Draw and South Mesa Trails in Boulder, Colorado. Unfortunately, we didn't get out very early.

As you can see, we walked wide open terrain and it was 11 am by the time we got here. I'm a trooper though and wherever Mom goes I go 'cause I love to be with her ... and I love to go for walks.

But it was really hot even though Mom's iPad said it was only 76º when we left the house. Wisely, Mom turned back after only a half hour out. We stopped for a drink of water and I found some shade under the bench at the rest area where we passed Shelby earlier.

Then she decided to go to South Mesa Trail where there were trees. First, we sat under the trees at a dry creek. She was so concerned about me overheating. Once we got going again, we found South Boulder Creek West just across a bridge not far up the trail. Oh boy, as we walked down to the water, Zeus came bounding across the entire width of the creek to greet me! Mom, really didn't want me getting in the water since I'd just had a bath, but you know, how could she resist letting me cool off and play with a friend. It doesn't take much to persuade her. I only got in above my elbows and even pretended to be King of the Rock.

But then we met Zolo, a little Schnauzer mix (Mom thinks) and Riley, a Border Collie, and it was all over. I bounded around playing with both of them. Riley played keep-away with a stick. That was great fun. So much for the bath! It didn't take long for me to look like I'd been drizzled with chocolate syrup.
It was all good though. I cooled off. Had a chance to play. And met all kinds of new friends: Pumpkin (horse), Shelby, Zeus, Riley, Zolo, Griffy, Pearl, and Kofi (not pictured). Whew! That's a lot of new friends in one day!!
On the way back Mom found another Dream Spot. First, she sat a bit and took off one sock and shoe and dangled her foot in the water. "Ah, nice and cool," she said. Then she laid down on a big ol' tree trunk. As you can see, I found my Dream Spot right on her tummy and watched Griffy on the other side of the creek. It's gotta be love when my mom lets me plop right down on her even though I was all wet and dirty!!

Mom loves these spots next to the flowing creek where she says the water just washes away any concerns and allows her to dream of the future. She finds it easier to consider what that really looks like where she can look up in the sky and see the leaves dance. I'm so happy for her.

When we got home, I was all tuckered out. Mom brushed out most of the dirt. I know she'll want to give me another bath soon, but I slept most of the evening and she didn't want to bother me. I only got up long enough to tell this story after Mom put all the pictures together.

Where is that physical place you go to dream? Where is that place in your mind where your believe anything you want to have and be can happen? How long has it been since you've been there? What's stopping you? Take small steps and find a place where you can dream, k? Sending you all a little bit of happy.

Have a great week.


  1. Lissa, these are great. Wonderful little compositions that tell a story.

  2. Love the story of your fun day, and tell your mom she wrote a great post about it! With your help of course Kobi. hope you have gotten another bath....

  3. Kobi - it looks like you had a great time. Hey you can have a bath anytime, but not always the opportunity to play with new friends. Enjoy the moment!

  4. A wonderful adventure, and such a beautiful post, Lissa!

  5. Tell Kobi thanks for the encouraging words. Lately we're so busy I have little time to dream, but I have no complaints...life has been good to us and even the bad times have taught me something. I'll have to think about finding a dream spot soon!


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