Thursday, September 13, 2012

Decadent Delectables: Banana Custard Crepes

I made crepes for the first time yesterday! (Crepe Recipe) And mmmm, yummy ... they were so good warm out of the pan with melted butter and sugar. Since I had so many more than I could eat in one sitting, or would be prudent to do so at least, I refrigerated the leftovers and had a "light bulb moment" this morning ...

I had bananas and I made some homemade custard last night (Custard Recipe), so I created a delectable dessert, which I had for breakfast!! Voila, Banana Custard Crepes. Of course, you can use packaged vanilla pudding or custard as well.

UPDATE: I like this Vanilla Pudding Recipe better ... EXCEPTION: add 2 egg yolks ... stir in warm milk very slowly ... you don't want to cook the egg; then pour back into sauce pan and heat until thickened. This is a little sweeter than the custard recipe, so adjust sugar to your desire.

Use fresh out of the pan or off the griddle crepes or microwave a refrigerated crepe for 15 seconds. They can be served cold, but I like warming them up first.

Place a couple tablespoons of custard in a line near edge of crepe.

Place slices of banana on top of custard.

Drizzle a light line of chocolate syrup on top of bananas.

Roll the custard, banana, and chocolate in the crepe. Drizzle chocolate syrup for a beautiful presentation.

Serve one, two, or three! ;->

Great for entertaining as everything can be prepared in advance. They could even be set up as a self-serve buffet with a variety of fruit since vanilla custard is versatile. Experiment. Have fun.

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Have a great crepe day, my friends.


  1. Chocolate for breakfast - YUM!! That's a sure way to make me not skip the most important meal of the day.

  2. Oh yum! I'm going to have to try those soon! : )

  3. I love crepes and use them both for desserts and for savory. I'm am going to try your banana recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Chocolate and bananas are a wonderful combination...and I just love custard and crepes, so this is perfect for me. Thanks!

  5. You deserve it! I make a WW version that isn't too bad - in fact that reminds me I need to make them again this week!

  6. Yum! No fair...I can't reach through my screen!!!

  7. ohhh this looks so delicious! lovely photographs too

  8. Oh my goodness, these look absolutely sinful Lissa, and the addition of the chocolate is making me VERY hungry right about now..
    Great photos of these goodies!

  9. This recipe has everything I love. Looks wonderful.


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