Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tales from Kobi: Eldorado Springs

Earlier this week, Mom and I went out to Eldorado Springs in the morning while it was still cool. When we arrived it was comfortably cool, about 72º. Even by 9:30 when we headed home it was already 85º. It was a nice walk though.

Eldorado Springs, a tiny town, nestled in a nook of the Rocky Mountains was shrouded by puffy white clouds. The rush of the South Boulder Creek invited me to sniff and explore, but Mom keeps me on a pretty tight leash because I love the water and it was moving pretty fast.

We sat for a little bit on a great big rock almost in the middle of the creek and the noise of the flow was loud. Mom likes that because it is soothing as it clears her mind of current concerns. I know she's going to be okay, but sometimes she worries. I know getting out and taking pictures is really good for her.
Click the image to see larger for more detail

After a bit, we wandered through the trees on a narrow path still near the creek. There were rock climbers' gear hanging from the walls of the canyon and they were preparing for their climb. Does anyone see the camel's head in the last rock formation. Looks like he's eating flowers. ;->

What fun we are having exploring new Colorado paths. There are so many here and discovering new vistas is so much fun. We hope to bring you more adventures, especially as fall approaches.

See you again soon.


  1. OK, when I get to Colorado, I need to check this place out. It's beautiful! I did notice the camel, but I thought it more Kobi-looking. I think my too fav shots are of you on the bridge and the flowers.

  2. It looks beautiful and yes it does look like a camel!

  3. So beautiful! I'd love to sit on that rock and listen to the water, too. I look forward to more photos, especially as the season changes!

  4. It sounds like a wonderful time, and what a beautiful place to be.
    These photographs are really special, and I love the way you've presented them here.

  5. I love your gorgeous photos and how you've arranged them.


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