Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tales from Kobi: Me and Snoopy

One day my mom Googled "Snoopy" so she could draw a good likeness for Draw Something and found that Mim's Zoe Bear and Snoopy came up as the very first image. Ever since, I've been a little jealous, so I had Mom take a picture of me with her Snoopy, which she's had since she was fifteen! That was just a few years ago. LOL

Seems like a good way to start off the Labor Day weekend. I don't have much else to say this evening 'cept I was a little worried Snoopy was going to try to kiss me! Oh my. I don't know what I would have done.

Hope you all have a fabulous long weekend.

Mom had fun playing with Shadowhouse Creations' new overlays.
Textures thanks to Kim Klassen: paperandpaste, jay.
Linked o Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers.


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