Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tales from Kobi: Mom Graduated!

My mom's been a little wonky lately. ;-> Last week she got a new cell phone ... an HTC EVO V 4G--graduating from the Blackberry Bold she's had for three years. She was so excited to get it, then had a little trouble with the transition and was without a working phone for a full day. Wow ... you'd think that would be a pleasant reprieve, but I can tell you she was a bit stressed out.

Now that she's had the phone a week, she's doing great, but honestly, she's a bit addicted. I think she pets that phone more than she pets me!!

Anyway, she wanted me to let you know what a great deal she got. The phone was on sale on Virgin Mobile, so she got a $60 discount and the phone is paid for. And the best part--her monthly bill is almost half that of her previous service with T-Mobile and she didn't even have text. So now she has almost as many talk minutes and unlimited text and data. It's a lot to get used to I guess, but I think she's got it down now. She even downloaded a Flashlight app last night and shined it all over me. ;-> Cool.

In addition, she got a neat protective case for almost nothing on Amazon. She calls it her faux iPhone. I mean, geez, it has lots of the same features and even some advantages. She currently has 8GB storage, but rather than buying a new phone to increase it, she can just buy a new chip. Yay!

Now that she's got it figured out, all is good in her world again and things are starting to settle down around here.

I just gotta love that she features me on her phone(s). Now that's love, for sure.


  1. Kobi...thanks for sharing that mom graduated☺

  2. Ha! Kobi, you'll get your mom back soon. But expect her to chase after you with the phone's camera!


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