Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Walk and Click Wednesdays #10: Featuring Sarah Huizenga

This week I'm switching it up a bit and sharing with you one of my Walk and Click followers, Sarah Huizenga at Paisley Rain Boots (love that blog title!). Sarah does a wonderful job getting out to discover new venues near and far. I love how when she goes someplace new of historical import, she also gives us some background of the area. She pulls you in and you feel like you're traveling on her shoulder.

Please applaud Sarah for her courage to be my first featured photo-blogger as I ask her some questions about her photography and her engagement in Walk and Click Wednesdays!

laf: Sarah, when did you start taking pictures and with what kind of equipment?

SH: Our whole marriage I have been the picture taker in the family. After our daughter was born in 1993 that ramped up my picture taking another notch. I have definitely documented her growing up years extensively. My favorite camera in those days was an Olympus film point and shoot. I think I went through two of those, I loved the pictures they took.

laf: What are you using now?

SH: Right now I have a Canon T2i with a 18-135mm lens, a 55-250mm lens and my favorite a 50mm 1.8 lens. Someday I would like to upgrade to a Canon 50D.

laf: Do you find yourself pulled toward iPhoneography?

SH: I finally got an iPhone this summer. I love it! I love that I always have it with me if I want to take a picture and all the apps out there for iPhoneography are amazing.

laf: What prompted you to start your Paisley Rain Boots: Writing, Dreaming, Exploring blog? Is there a story behind that blog name and the picture of the rain boots?

SH: Paisley Rain Boots is my second established blog, the first being Becoming a Finisher. Paisley Rain Boots has quickly become my favorite child though. It came about after I took the on-line course NOW YOU, a self-portrait focused class. We started by taking pictures of our feet and since it was spring and rainy, I quite often had my Bogs Rain Boots on. I got so many compliments on them that I started thinking Paisley Rain Boots would be a good name for a blog. It is cute and memorable but not really about anything specific; I like having that flexibility. I could go any direction I wanted on any given day. The tag line came when I took Kim Klassen's on-line class Behind the Scenes and I had to come up with a tag line. Writing, Dreaming and Exploring fit me perfectly, still giving me tons of flexibility with my blog posts.

laf: Tell me what inspired your Bucket List for Photography?

SH: My Photography Bucket List has always been in my head, I finally wrote it down. I love to travel and explore, and finding old buildings and architectural details to photograph is a dream.

laf: Is there a particular photographer that inspires your creativity? Or workshop facilitator?

SH: I love Scott Kelby. I love his photos and I love his books; he makes me laugh. Work shop facilitator, hands down, is Kim Klassen. I feel such a connection to her when I am taking her classes and I learn so much without getting frustrated.

laf: What is it about Walk and Click Wednesdays that engages you to participate?

SH: What I love about Walk and Click is it gives me the needed excuse to go outside and explore familiar places and also new places. I like to do link ups that really resonate with who I am and what my blog is about. Walk and Click couldn't be more perfect. I dream about where I am going to go. I go there to explore and photograph, then I come home develop my photos and write about my adventure.

laf: What would you say to those who think they need a prompt to participate?

SH: At first I thought I needed prompts to give me an objective, but I found the more I went out the things to photograph just presented themselves like gifts. The real trick is just being open to whatever you come across that day. 

laf: Thanks so much for joining me here, Sarah. I'm looking forward to your adventure this week.

Hope you're all having a great week. I look forward to seeing you here for Walk and Click Wednesdays. Can't wait to see what you saw on your strolls.

Please join me in the adventure. The only "requirement" other than those below is that you go out walking and take some pictures. Please keep in mind that you don't have to walk, take pictures, process them, and post all on Wednesday ... take the weekend before to explore and a few days to process your photos ... then link up.

Walk and Click Wednesdays (WCW) Guidelines:

Are you new to Walk and Click Wednesdays? The party will open on Wednesday and close on Saturday at midnight.

Here are just a few guidelines to keep everyone on target.
  • Please link directly to your WCW blog post or the specific flickr image, not to your main blog url or flickr stream url. Please do not link to an online shop.
  • Please link back to laf Custom Designs. I'd love it if you'd share my WCW button on your blog (it's over there on the sidebar--see it?--just under the Friends Who Love It Here icons). It will also serve as a reminder to you since I know you all have a lot going on in your lives.
  • Please visit the other WCW participants and share the love. Gotta get this party goin' on.
Have a great weekend and find some time to walk and click. ;->


  1. Oh Lissa... I am so honored to be featured here. I really hope that everybody takes some time this week to go out and explore the world, photograph it and share it with others.

  2. Lissa, I just loved reading this interview with Sarah, whose work I really enjoy. I think she is a wonderful photographer and lovely soul. Her personality really comes through here. Hope you do more. WIll be an avid follower.

  3. Thank you, Lissa and Sarah!
    I truly enjoyed reading this.

  4. I've intended to do this. I've walked and clicked a few times but haven't gotten a post up yet about them. Great post.


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