Sunday, December 9, 2012

Reverb '12: Days 7 - 9

Continuing with Reverb '12 with Kat @ I Saw You Dancing... Days 7 - 9.

I've  been having a lot of fun with Reverb creations. It's not enough to just reflect. This helps me visualize with more meaning. And I hope it helps you see something for yourselves.

Day 7: What will you take with you? What's the one thing you want to take with you into 2013?

Textures thanks to Kim Klassen: takeheart, seriousmagic
Texture thanks to Shadowhouse Creations: Square 17, Square 43

The one thing I will take with me into 2013 is really a composite. This year my walks with Kobi have grounded me and helped me stay true to what is really important. To wander and play. To find new vistas and meet new people. To experience and discover. With that, I am more able to be open to the wonder and magic that truly exists in the world. Things happen unexpectedly. I am more aware. And happiness appears magically.

Day 8: Your most important relationship? Considering the idea that nothing lasts forever: what was the most important relationship that you fostered in 2012? How will you continue to nurture it in 2013?

Textures thanks to Kim Klassen: cherishscripted, bestill 
Texture thanks to Shadowhouse Creations: Square 112

Sometimes it is helpful to realize nothing lasts forever. I know I will not be jobless forever. I know there is a silver lining in all that I have experienced this year. I mean, really ... if I had been employed how would I have learned so much so quickly about graphic design and Photoshop and InDesign? On the other hand, I know one day I will lose my sweet Kobi who brings so much joy to my life. I will postpone thinking about that until I have to.

So, with that said, the relationship I must nurture in the coming year is me and my Muse. She can be very demanding. Sit down now. Do it now. And sometimes I must listen or the creative moment will pass unnoticed. And the gift will be lost. What I also know is I must get my Muse out of the chair more often. It's is impossible to continue to be inspired unless one goes out to experience life in its fullness. Meet people. Be aware of the little things we may not observe. I find I am more attuned when I take my walks by myself as I am too much in my head when I walk with others.

Day 9: Your favourite book? What was the best book you read in 2012, and why? (And by "Why?" I mean: Why did you read it? And why was it your favourite? Although these answers could be one and the same...!)

Textures thanks to Kim Klassen: autumn burst

I am an avid reader, but often I don't finish one book before I am pulled to the next. I began several ...

The Designer's Guide to Marketing and Pricing - Ilise Benun & Peleg Top
Managing Up - Rosanne Sadowski
What Color is Your Parchute? - Richard Bowles
The Prosperous Heart - Julia Cameron
Do More Great Work. - Michael Bungay Stanier
Start with Why -Simon Sinek
Fire Starter Session - Danielle LaPorte
Daring Greatly - Brene Brown
Inspired and Unstoppable (this one I actually got 3/4 the way through!) - Tama Kieves
The Gifts of Imperfection - Brene Brown
This I Know - Susannah Conway

BUT, the only book, still just a manuscript, I read cover to cover was Homesteading the Soul, and not because I had to just because it is a client project. This is really an engaging book that pulled me along wanting to see what would be revealed next. I laughed out loud. And I cried. I was able to relate many of Terry's universal experiences to my own life even though the setting was Hugo, Colorado, a tiny town on the Eastern plains, but I grew up moving frequently and lived mostly on military bases or in major cities.

I am dedicated to help Terry Keepers give birth to his book by providing editing, layout and design, pursuit of permissions for quotations, and self-publishing consulting. We have high hopes that the book will be available by the end of January. A lot will depend on how quickly we get the permissions.

I'm looking forward to upcoming prompts from Kat. I hope you'll be back to see my new creative images. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. The Book looks good. I have too many books and too many open. Seems I need to take time to finish each .
    Lovely as always.

  2. This series is fascinating Lissa. Another great selfie :) Even though it may not seem like it, this was a super productive year for you. Look at how much you have learned about yourself and things you want to do. Keep it up!

  3. Lisa,
    I love this new series you post. It gives me the urge to keep writing about the new things in my own life.
    Michigan friend

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I appreciate your posts because it makes me reflect on my own answers, even if I'm not blogging along with it right now. I agree with you on the Muse thing - I need to develop that one myself! We're not always in step!


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