Sunday, January 20, 2013

Creative Expression: Geese Walking on Water

Several days ago, our sub-freezing temperatures began to thaw, but McKay Lake in Broomfield, Colorado was still frozen. It seemed to make a nice resting place for the geese.

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If you look closely just below the tree line, those little black dots are all geese huddling together on the ice. As I got closer, they got more skeptical and cautious ... standing, walking, and honking ... moving away from me.

It was such a pristine and peaceful place with a bench at the end of a mini-pier. I sat for a tidbit enjoying the crisp air and the sunshine sparkling on the ice while listening to the quiet.

While walking back to the car with Kobi, I caught the light on the waning cattails ... there's something about them that I just love.

Textures thanks to Pixel Dust: Brown Rice Paper, Etched in Stone


  1. Love the image with the geese. I think I could sit watch for for quite some time.

  2. Great frames for the photos. I have always been drawn to cat tails. must be the color and the texture. Can't wait to hear how the new job is.

  3. What a peaceful place. Love the images!

  4. I love the one of the geese!!!

  5. They always look so cold to me at this time of year, but what a beautiful scene this is, Lissa.


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