Saturday, January 12, 2013

Creative Expression: Just Child's Play

There's something about Hugh Laurie in House that I just love. Is it that he gets away with things the average bloke can't and still keeps his job? Is there just something endearing about him being himself regardless of how rough the edges are? Is it that he always figures it out in the end and saves a life? I don't know, but I had fun creating a new piece of art while the story unfolded in the background.

Textures thanks to Pixel Dust: Brown Rice Paper, Sweet Thoughts, Impressionist Music, Drops of Jupiter
Shape brushes thanks to DesignFruit: Shabby Shapes 
Click image to see larger view in Flickr 

I used multiple effects in this piece: the transform function to make the curved object, which I discovered is only in CS5 and above; clipping mask; blending two photos from my trip to the northern Colorado prairie last weekend; multiple textures at different blending options; and shadows, glows, and bevel and embossing.

It's just all child's play for me now! Thanks so much to Kim Klassen for getting me started and all my Flickr and blogging buddies for inspiration. ;->


  1. yes, it is fun to play - and I thank kim too for prompting me to do so! your image is very creative...and I loved House too...don't know why, but that guy got to me!

  2. I not always able to comment, but I do follow all your posts and I just wanted to let you know that I like where your new art is going. Very nice work, Lissa.

  3. I used to love Hugh Laurie in House, and was sorry to see it end, but I guess it had run its course.

    This is such a beautiful piece of art, Lissa. I love the textures and tones.
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


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