Friday, January 4, 2013

Small Stone: A Lesson in Play

I've already missed three days of the Small Stone project ... don't think I have the energy to keep it up every day even though it is just a small daily observation, but today this dog in the snow made me laugh out loud.

Textures thanks to Pixel Dust: Brown Rice Paper
Textures thanks to Paree Erica: Sky Blue Stars

I was driving home from meeting a dear friend for coffee/lunch. A young gal crossed at the light I was approaching and instantly as she got to the other side of the street her dog dipped into the snow and rolled around with a passion I only know right now in my artwork. It was a pleasant high for the day. I only wish I'd been a bit quicker with the camera and gotten the action of him rolling on his back. ;-> But driving was the top priority, right?

Small Stone: Sometimes you just have to drop everything and roll around in ecstasy ...  no matter the weather, no matter who's watching!


  1. That's so funny. Belle does that every day in the dirt! I can rarely catch her in action. Wonderful small stone!

  2. I am impressed you had your camera enough to take this picture. Great job! Dogs just love to roll in the snow for some reason. Scout will do that in the backyard, just plop down and start rolling around.

  3. I love your observation...to drop everything and roll around in ecstasy! Thanks!

  4. Indeed we do! Just wish I remembered to do it more often. Note to self.
    Okay, now this is the 3rd reference to the Small Stone project that I've seen in the past couple of days, so off to check it out. Thank you for the link!

  5. exactly - stop, drop and roll!


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