Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Walk and Click Wednesdays #18: Willow Run and Metzger Farm

It's time for Walk and Click Wednesday! Don't forget to change your copyright date to 2013! ;->

I decided to explore a new area ... Broomfield ... a neighboring city in the Denver Metro area. So I tootled on down to where I thought Metzger Farm was. I couldn't seem to find a trailhead, but finally parked on a side street where I was able to pick it up.

As I got out of the car, I saw these vibrant red berries ... the sun shown on them so beautifully.

I followed the path and a sign indicated it was Willow Run Open Space. Quite amazing ... all this open land in the middle of a city.

Today was not a day of friendlies ... we passed several dogs and their owners and as I asked, "Is he friendly?" was told no several times. Darn. No pup play for Kobi. Around the bend on this trail, I saw what looked like a loose dog cross the path ... it wasn't a dog at all! It was a coyote!! It all made me keep a tighter rein on him than usual.

As I looked back from whence I came, stopping to take some pictures, Kobi sat patiently ... just watching intently. Yep, that's my rough and tough little boy ... doesn't even mind sitting in the snow!

I loved how the sun glowed on the dried brush poking its head through the snow. And the geese honked above as they said to one another, "hey guys, we're going this way." Occasionally there was the lone goose who seemed to be slightly lost honking his way back to the flock.

After crossing the bridge, I found Metzger Farm Open Space! A beautiful little spot beside a frozen pond that just opened to the public November 10, 2012.

It was a grand day for a Walk and Click even at 30º ... the sun shown heating the day and while Kobi and I kept moving we created our own warmth.

Thanks for joining me today. Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Day!


I look forward to seeing you here for Walk and Click Wednesdays. Can't wait to see what you saw on your strolls.

Please join me in the adventure. The only "requirement" other than those below is that you go out walking and take some pictures. Please keep in mind that you don't have to walk, take pictures, process them, and post all on Wednesday ... take the weekend before to explore and a few days to process your photos ... then link up.

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Have a great weekend and find some time to walk and click. ;->


  1. You captured the frozen beauty of Front Range Colorado this time of year. I'm not a fan of the cold temperatures, so I am particularly grateful for your sharing.

    I love seeing things through Kobi's eyes too!


  2. Oh lovely snow and lovely Kobi.... We just have grey skies sigh.....

  3. Great walk Lissa. How wonderful to explore someplace new to you. I am jealous of your sun, it seems like forever since we have seen it. All my Walk and Click's seem to be on gray, cloudy days.

  4. What a wonderful walk this must have been, Lissa, and sweet little Kobi looks just wonderful in the snow.

    Really beautiful photographs, especially the berries. Perfect light!

  5. What a beautiful place to walk! Max and Belle will sit like that, too, while I snap photos. So sweet! Love the glistening snow. Great way to start the New Year!

  6. Oh, goodie its Kobie again....love him!!!! As you can see...we are walking♥

  7. What lovely snowy view you have captured and it doesn't seem to me like Kobi is fazed at all by the snow. My yorkies act like they are walking in fire when the are in snow. Looks like a great walk !


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