Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Walk and Click Wednesdays #24: Winter Color

It's time for Walk and Click Wednesdays! We are growing! It's so exciting to see all of you getting out, taking pictures, and linking up here. Be sure to tell your friends how much fun it is ... they will get a bit of exercise and discover their surroundings in a whole new way. Let's encourage more folks to follow your lead.

I made it out for a walk this week around McKay Lake in Broomfield, Colorado before the weather closed in and the temperature dropped. I even had a little bit of sunshine!

Who says you can't find color in the winter? Who says it's only grey and brown? Oh, I know, those are the predominant colors, but I have discovered that finding color is even more special in winter because you have to look for it. And when you find it you think you've found the prize.

So this week I'm presenting a marathon photo post of winter color ... 25 images! I was so surprised that I got so many of my pictures from my walk that pleased me. I'd love it if you'd leave a comment and let me know your favorites.

#1: The trailhead to McKay Lake.

#2: The geese play follow-the-leader or maybe they're going home to those big houses on the horizon.

#3: Winter crawls over the mountains on cat's feet.

#4: This horse didn't get all his stockings on this morning or droopy drawers.

#5: Golden field of grass ... amber waves of grain.

#6: Puffy clouds over McKay Lake.

#7: Geese coming in for a landing.

#8: Kobi ... my trusty trooper and encourager.

#9: Ok, are these bulrush or cattails? I recently learned there is a difference. I can't tell.

#10: The blustery wind came in on the south shore.

#11: A winter branch-covered walk.

#12: Kobi and Spanky (French Bulldog) nose-to-nose and eyeball-to-eyeball ... a staring contest.

#13: What on earth did this gull find?

#14: The gull flies off with his prize. Love the blue feathers in his wings and red at his bill.

#15: Receding rooftops against a snowy mountain backdrop.

#16: Wow, I couldn't believe I caught this gull in flight against the mountains. Almost looks fake. No, it isn't Photoshopped. ;->

#17: Rusty brush against a blue winter sky.

#18: Dormant dried flowers ... I'm amazed how pretty these look.

#19: I don't know what this red-branched brush is, but I was attracted to the little buds.

#20: Rusty brush against a steely grey sky.

#21: The red-branched brush lining the walking path.

#22: Winter clouds continue to crawl in for the afternoon.

#24: The ice flow has begun to melt on McKay Lake.

#25: Orange growth grows among the bricks.


I look forward to seeing you here for Walk and Click Wednesdays. Can't wait to see what you saw on your strolls.

Please join me in the adventure. The only "requirement" other than those below is that you go out walking and take some pictures. Please keep in mind that you don't have to walk, take pictures, process them, and post all on Wednesday ... take the weekend before to explore and a few days to process your photos ... then link up.

Walk and Click Wednesdays (WCW) Guidelines:

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Here are just a few guidelines to keep everyone on target.
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Have a great weekend and find some time to walk and click. ;->


  1. Wow! You got so many wonderful shots. My favorites would be the branched covered walk, love how the people are framed and the pop of red in the jacket. Also the dried flowers I am a sucker for these winter skeletons.

  2. Great shots! My favorite is the one of Kobi and Spanky, and second favorite is the one of geese on the ice.

  3. What a beautiful landscape to walk and click. I really the shot of the geese on the pond.

  4. Kobi looks great!
    Thanks for all these photos. It was worth the several minutes that they took to download on my sell phone connection - broadband is not available here in the sticks.
    Have a good week.

  5. sell phone = cell phone in my last comment. oops-a-daisy.....

  6. What a great walk this must have been, Lissa. There is really lots of winter color, if we just look for it. Love, love, love the photo of Kobi and Sparky! :-)

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Wonderful set! I can't decide if my favorite is the gull or the dried flowers or maybe the last one with the great contrast and lines!! Too hard to decide! Looks like an enjoyable walk!

  8. #5 hi i'm Cyndee, looks like my ipad corrected my spelling.

  9. Wonderful photos, looks like a wonderful walk.

  10. It's hard to pick a favorite - they are all great. I love the softness of #19 and I love every picture of Kobi you post.

  11. I love this post! I've seen the very same details in my neighborhood, and yet through your lens they are even more lovely!

    As always, thanks for the nudge.


  12. WOW...this is a great post of gorgeous images. The archway made up of tree branches...what a gift to capture this! Kobi...wears his bling well...make sure you tell him I said Hello♥

  13. Great capture, I like these delicious photos, beautiful landscapes.

  14. Ooh, what a beautiful walk, thank you for sharing. Kobi and Spanky are adorable :-)

  15. Gotta love picture #12... adorable indeed!

  16. I love the especially the geese marching in a row


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