Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Walk and Click Wednesday #29: Tales from Kobi and Chamberlin Observatory

It's Walk and Click Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by ... it's Kobi's turn to tell the story this week! ;->


Mom's mission for the day was to head to Denver to get some raspberry frozen yogurt. Of course, I can't have it, but she says it's the best in the Denver metro area. I mean, really, it's got to be good to drive 30 miles for, right? Her second mission was to find things to photograph for WCW, but she promised she'd get me out for my walk too. So, off we went.

First stop ... the Louisville Dog Park near home ...  my opportunity to get the bouncy energy out before the long drive.

The focus on this happy guy is a bit misplaced, but he does have a pretty nice smilin' face. We didn't stay long; the interaction wasn't quite to Mom's liking.

This didn't seem to be typical dog play ... this Shepherd and Lab. No one got hurt while we were there, but Mom wasn't particularly happy to see that the owners weren't doing much to stop the bearing-teeth interaction. And she certainly didn't want me finding my way into the middle of it. Sometimes I just don't get that everyone isn't friendly like me.

What? She didn't take any pictures of me?? Well, she did take one, but it was a bit blurry so she let the other dogs have the spotlight. I mean, I get to be featured all the time anyway.

After Mom stopped for her yogurt ... mmm, I wish I could have had a lick, but no, left me in the car to get it and then she kept it all for herself ... just tempting me with it until the last spoonful was gone. I didn't even get to lick the cup. Hmmm, why's that?  I'm a good boy. Oh well ... the nice thing is while we were in Denver we stumbled upon this little gem of a spot and spent some time enjoying the sunshine and the grounds. Mom really liked the architecture of Denver's historic Chamberlin Observatory.

She took a moment to sit on this lovely bench just made for resting ... the marble etched with the names of contributors to the Chamberlin Observatory in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of its founding.

This park was so peaceful and seemed to be frequented by dog owners. Mom discovered there isn't a dog park nearby and there was lots of talk about owners being ticketed for having dogs off-leash. Nevertheless, she let me run around loose. We have lots of off-leash places up north where we live. That's good for me and good for Mom too ... she doesn't have to worry about tickets!

Meet Tillie ... part Catahoula, the owners think. Based on a little Google research, it looks like she might have some German Koolie. No matter what the breed, Tillie is a cute bundle of energy and I had some fun chasing after her and the red tennis ball.

This dad and his son battled the unpredictable winds as they flew their cool kite. While I sat by patiently, Mom had fun watching how Dad allowed his son to hold the string carrier. The boy was totally engaged.

We look forward to seeing where you've been this week!

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  1. Hi! Nice photos of Chamberlin Observatory and Flying high.
    Thank you very much for hosting.

  2. Very cool post. I love dogs. Disappointed Kobi didn't make the final cut though. He has a cool writing style.
    Thanks for hosting. Have a good week.

  3. Love the Observatory, so cool! I would have left that first play group too. I love the dad and son flying the kite. Glad you were able to get your yogurt.

  4. It sounds like you and Mom sure had a good day (except for the yogurt!!). :-)
    Sure glad you stayed away from those big, not-so-friendly looking dogs. Yikes!!

    Wishing you both a wonderful day! xo.

  5. Delightful post and love your dog and park photos ~ sounds like you had a wonderful time ~ Enjoy ^_^

  6. Love that Observatory, we've gone at night to look through the telescope. They are great there.

  7. Kobi, I think mommy made a good decision to leave the park☺ Next time...just sneak in a lick real quick of the yogurt when she isn't looking.

  8. Kobi, I'm impressed - you're an excellent writer! I agree with your mommy about the architecture of the observatory. I really like her pictures of it. Those benches look inviting, too, and that kite is gorgeous against the blue, blue sky.

  9. Looks like you and Kobi had a good time! I love the observatory images and the bench!

  10. Yes, a good selection, delicious photos.

  11. Great Photos Love the observatory Blessings, Debbie

  12. An interesting place to visit ... I must admit I would be a bit apprehensive with snarling dogs .....

  13. Kobi, you've made me hungry for frozen yogurt! It looks like you still had a lot of fun, but I'm glad your mom got you out of the park with the scary looking dogs!

  14. Delightful post and wonderful photos, the Observatory sounds like a great place to visit


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