Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stolen Moments: Five Little Piggies

Just a little flashback to a couple weeks ago when I chose to come home from work on the back road. I saw the babies ... baby piggies. I wasn't able to get the picture the first day when I only saw three little piggies. I had to go back a couple days later. Then there were five! I was so excited I pulled off the side of the road in go-home traffic.

Texture thanks to Kim Klassen: 2303
Click image to see larger view on Flickr

It's hard to see how small they are in this image as their parents are in a different plot. I actually walked in the field to get a closer shot ... brave ... or stupid ... I must admit I was a bit concerned that I'd be in trouble with Mama!

Yes, Spring is here ... babies and blooms ... but it feels like summer already here in Colorado at 87º - 90º.

Happy Memorial Day to all ... find something to enjoy ... family, friends, nature, quiet ... something!


  1. I love baby pigs!! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Happy Memorial Day to you also. Enjoy your day off.

  3. Those are adorable little piggies, but you do really have to look out for the mamas. I found that out in a very frightening way when I was a little girl. Cute shot!


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