Monday, August 12, 2013

Creative Expression: Accelerating the Learning - Take One

I am SO excited!

I got a notice from Kim Klassen about Sebastian Michaels' Photoshop Grunge Artistry class over the weekend, but what kicked my into overdrive was my friend, cj's encouragement to really take a look at it. Last night I jumped right in and here is a composite of some of my North Sourdough Trail at Brainard Lake images. My intention is that it look like a magazine cover.

You may remember my report on this trip from a little over a week go ... if you'd like to know more about the trip as told by Kobi, see my past post.

mouseover to see before image
click to see larger in Flickr 

This is quite a complex piece as there are numerous layers, textures, and edge effects.

What a blast! I'm looking forward to really stepping up my artistic work. Maybe I can inspire you to join this class too. The great thing is all of the textures, brushes, and mask effects as well as the tutorial videos are available to you for life. So cool.


  1. Wow! You're already way ahead of me. But watching the "harvesting photos and textures" video I realized I already have lots and lots of cool stuff because I take pictures of odd things, like rust and grates. Can't wait to dig in.

  2. That is very cool! Sounds like a really fun class!

  3. This is really lovely Lissa...I got the notice but it wouldn't take me to the link...I'm going to try again tonight...I would love to do it but I feel like I'm spread so thin already...but your work is a great advertisement for the course.

  4. This is definitely the class for you. Enjoy!

  5. So glad you found this!!!! Looks like it is just the ticket for you!

  6. Look at you go!
    I love your magazine cover approach.
    I just started viewing the videos today, but am enjoying it already. I will be slow, as usual.



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