Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tales from Kobi: A Quick Trip to Coal Creek

Mom had trouble deciding if this should go in Creative Expressions or if she wanted me to tell the story. I guess I won 'cause she's letting me tell the story.

She had one of her usual working coffee visits with her friend Shirley, but while it was still relatively cool outside, she took me for a walk to our usual haunt, Coal Creek. It's a really nice walking path and we almost always go to the crossing where I get a little drink. Truth is, it was already warm at 10 this morning, so when I saw that water, I just plopped right down in it! Ahhhh .... felt soooo good.

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Then Mom left me at home to visit her friend. She spent a LOT of time working on this composite, not only at the coffee shop, but later in the evening. It just wasn't coming together the way she wanted. I think she finally decided it was good.

Do you see the little frog statue in the right corner? She captured that along the way in someone's front yard. And those purple flowers that are big enough to be a bush ... they are little wild flowers that grow in clumps ... but I think this is pretty cool, just like that water I have my legs in.

Truth is though, I got all black from the sediment on the bottom of the creek and got half a bath when I got home ... just the bottom half to get all the yucky out of my fur. Sure did feel good to be cleaned up.

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  1. Hi Kobi - another great post. Tell your mamma that I like the image she created.


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