Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tales from Kobi: Skunk Creek Trail

Monday, 3/23/15 ... catching up

We're out hiking more challenging trails now and Mom's having trouble keeping up with letting you all know about these beautiful places. So we're starting with Skunk Creek Trail about a week ago.

This trail is easily accessible and follows a dirt road to the trailhead. It was a great day. Sunny. Blue skies. Puffy clouds. Mom wore her old boots since my new ones broke and she was waiting for the replacement pair. She was reminded what a properly sized boot can do for you. :-)

A bit hard to see here, but in the above photo a trail runs horizontally about center and there are a few people trekking there. This ridge almost looks like a dinosaur's hump.

On the rock in the foreground there is some beautiful lime-green lichen. We are just trekking along. Not too many folks since it's mid-afternoon. Another of Mom's late starts. That's going to have to change when she's on The Colorado Trail! Unfortunately, I won't be going on that trip. She says she needs to focus and will have enough trouble looking after herself, let alone me!

Looking back toward Boulder at a switchback.

Hey, there's me! I got my leash caught in that little bridge there. It took Mom a few minutes to get me unstuck. I guess I can be a little trouble, but I just love hiking with her.

Waiting for her. I do like to run ahead sometimes.

We're standing at the switchback ... the trail on the lest goes back from where we came ... the one on the right continues on Skunk Creek Trail.

This is where Skunk Creek Trail meets Mesa Trail. It's kinda funny how on way is a dirt path and the other is flagstone. We wondered if that was rebuilding after the flood of 2013.

Looking over Boulder again.

Now we're on our way back down. It was a quick trip. Just under 2 hours, 3.27 miles, 748 ft elevation gain.

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  1. Another great hike. It does look like a dinosaur.


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