Thursday, August 27, 2015

Big News!

Big news! I heard from my stem cell donor today!!

He lives in St. Paul, MN, is married, has two grown boys, and two grand-baby boys, and has worked for USPS for 22 years. Seems like a great guy.

He had been a blood donor for years and saw a poster 20 years ago about being a marrow donor. He thought that would be nice too. Never thought he'd be called after all this time. He's glad he was and happy to give someone a chance in life. He enjoys knowing that the choices he made have positively impacted someone else.

I asked if he was a mayo or Miracle Whip guy. Mayo. The reason I asked is because I've always been a Miracle Whip girl, but now I prefer mayo. Funny.

Made my day!

And I'm jazzed that this gave me a reason to play in Photoshop again!


  1. That's fabulous Lissa! Now make art while the mojo is there. I'll be praying for a successful procedure.

    1. I should have clarified ... I had the stem cell transplant January of 2014. I am disease-free now and living quite the normal life, whatever normal is!

  2. Lissa, this is so totally heartwarming. My sister Lissa is beaming up in heaven at this!


    1. Thanks Cindy. I'm always taken aback that you sister has my name! haha

  3. So wonderful that you know who he is now, and what a pleasure for him to be able to help safe your life. Winners all the way around.


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