Saturday, August 29, 2015

Creative Expression: Re-entry: Creating art again

I'm glad to say I got motivated to play in Photoshop again using several of Photoshop Artistry's texture, brush, and vector files. You've likely seen this image of Kobi before. The new frame adds some pizzazz.

I had to refresh my memory on how to do a couple things, so this was a good exercise.

I think I may begin to tell the Colorado Trail story in art pictures. We'll see. But know this, I will be back with more fun.


  1. Great shot of Kobi in such an artistic frame. Would love to see more of your Colorado trail story!

    1. Thanks Jeanne. I'll get there ... eventually.

  2. I am so, so happy that you are back to creating art, a piece of your life that has been missing. It is so good to be learning again too.


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